Electrical components

Key features

  • Scheduling and installation directly in the factory
  • Use of products from leading manufacturers

We integrate electrical components from leading manufacturers that have been specially tested for prefabricated construction (e.g. Kaiser or Spelsberg) into our products according to individual specifications.

  • for element ceilings
  • for element walls
  • for solid walls
  • and others
  • Fast construction progress due to elimination of slot and can hammering on the construction site
  • High precision in the installation of the electrical components


Internal sales team

Martin Bumke

Internal sales team

thomas betonbauteile Fehrbellin GmbH & Co. KG
Gewerbepark 6
16833 Fehrbellin
T +49 (33932) 998 33
E martin.bumke@thomas-gruppe.de

Jaqueline Heesch

Internal sales team

thomas betonbauteile Georgensgmünd GmbH & Co. KG
Breitenloher Weg 14
91166 Georgensgmünd
T +49 (9172) 684 331 9
E jaqueline.heesch@thomas-gruppe.de

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