Blastfurnace cement CEM III/A 42.5 N (1)

Key features

  • moderate early strength
  • normal final strength
  • good post cure
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CEM III/A 42.5 N (1) is a blastfurnace cement according to DIN EN 197-1. It is produced from Portland cement clinker, granulated blastfurnace slag and solidification regulator.

CEM III/A 42.5 N (1) is primarily used for the production of concrete, reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete in accordance with DIN EN 206-1 in conjunction with 1045-2. The recommended compressive strength classes up to C30/37

  • due to moderate hydration heat development, particularly suitable for structures in structural and civil engineering (e.g. superstructures of bridges)
  • long open times and low hydration heat development facilitate concreting, e.g. of floor slabs in summer
  • suitable as summer cement thanks to moderate early strength development
  • allows greater flexibility in the selection of aggregates

CEM III/A 42.5 N (1) is delivered in bulk in silo trains.


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Marion Ziegler

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