Success stories in the thomas gruppe

Over 1,200 people contribute their know-how and their passion to the success of the thomas gruppe on a daily basis. Whether in production, purchasing, administration, field sales or one of the other departments, one thing unites us: our values, which we live by every single day.

But the variety of our jobs is more than matched by the diversity of the people and their stories. A number of them have taken the time to tell you about the opportunities we offer our employees below.

Mitarbeiter Christian Jungbluth mit Betonbauteilen | thomas gruppe

My success story at thomas

“I have been working at thomas betonbauteile in Fehrbellin since April 2016. I started as an employee in the Production department. During the holiday period I worked as substitute in Work Preparation and Scheduling. After 6 months, I was able to switch to a vacant position in that department. After around a year the Managing Director asked me whether I wanted to take over the plant management. The initial training was provided by an experienced plant manager from another plant. My manager’s door was always open if I had any questions. At the start of 2019, I also took over the management of a second plant. I am very pleased and proud of the speed of my development at thomas betonbauteile. And I am very grateful to my manager and my colleagues for their support.”

Concrete Components
Plant Manager
Mitarbeiter Sven Eisenbrand | thomas gruppe

My success story at thomas

“While searching for a new professional opportunity in 2013, I came across a job ad from th Concrete that immediately aroused my interest. After a short induction period, in July 2013 I took over as Regional Manager for the ready-mixed concrete activities in Thuringia. At the time, I was responsible for ten ready-mixed concrete plants as well as four plant managers and two Internal Sales departments. For me, the focus is on constantly striving to ensure the consistently high-quality of our work. This can be quite a demanding task in our constantly changing day-to-day operations. In 2019, Mr Thomas was looking for someone to support management on-site. So I took on overall responsibility for th-beton GmbH & Co. KG as an authorised representative. Thanks to my experience in the ready-mixed concrete segment, I also took over the management of gth-beton GmbH & Co. KG. At the moment, I am responsible for four regions with 21 concrete mixing plants and quite a number of employees. I place particular importance on honesty, openness, fairness, respect, initiative, commitment and determination. I openly approach both successes and mistakes and am able to take on as well as provide feedback. My motto: treat people how you would like to be treated.”

th beton
Regional Manager Thuringia
Mitarbeiterin Simone Leopold | thomas gruppe

My success story at thomas

“I have been working for HV Betonwerk Anhalt in Löbnitz since 1995. Since the acquisition of the shares in the partnership in 2014 by Mr Thomas, I have been a fixed part of the thomas gruppe. I started as Head of Accounts and established great trust with the former Managing Partner. I was appointed the Managing Director in 2006. I am responsible for the plants in Löbnitz, Angersdorf and Edemissen. I spend my days tackling problems as well as new challenges. My ability to learn and commitment to personal development allowed me to acquire tools and methods that help me in my daily activities. Mr Thomas is a managing partner in whom I have a great deal of trust and confidence. Mistakes can be made, problems occur, but it is important to deal with them openly and identify and implement solutions. Overcoming these kinds of issues is not possible without the support of every single employee—I am very grateful to the management group and my employees for the many years of cooperation.

Concrete Components
Managing Director
Mitarbeiterin Daniela Schneider | thomas gruppe

My success stories at thomas

“As the first female apprentice, I started my training as a business administrator at the Dornburg site in 1993. Following my training, I worked in Invoicing for 16 years. In my role, I managed part of the thomas gruppe’s concrete plants. My interest in accounting and my desire to further my development meant that I took on my current role of accounts payable and receivable manager in March 2012. I manage the accounts of many different areas of the company. I am also responsible for the training activities for trainees in the Accounts Receivable department. I really enjoy passing my knowledge and my experience on to young people. Every day brings new tasks that need to be tackled—it’s certainly never boring! The open culture at the thomas gruppe makes it a pleasure to come to work in the morning. I am proud to be a member of the thomas gruppe and I look forward to the continued close cooperation with my managers and colleagues into the future.

thomas beteiligungen
Accounts Receivable and Payable Accountant
Logo thomas gruppe | thomas gruppe

My success story at thomas

“I joined thomas zement in Erwitte in January 2019. My extensive experience in the cement industry allowed me to contribute the knowledge I had gained to the company. The good induction provided by my managers and the close collaboration with my colleagues are a constant driving force in my work. I find the active exchange of experience particularly important in order to continue to expand my know-how. I am proud of my rapid development in the thomas gruppe as well as in the growth I have shown in my daily tasks.

thomas zement
Application Consultant Cement Plant Erwitte
Mitarbeiterin Marie Knobbe | thomas gruppe

My success stories at thomas

“I started my training as a business administrator at the thomas gruppe in August 2011. Even though I was just 20 at the time, it was clear to me that I would enjoy working at the thomas gruppe well into the future. Today, almost 10 years later, I feel more comfortable with my decision every single day.
Since the end of my training, I have been working as an Accounts Receivable Accountant for thomas beteiligungen GmbH. Since 2018, I have also been managing our commercial apprentices at the Dornburg site. Ever since I joined the thomas gruppe, I have always been able to rely on my colleagues and have learned a great deal.
I thoroughly enjoy my work and the thomas gruppe has taught me to keep a cool head, even in stressful situations. Above all, this is made possible by the constant support of all colleagues as well as Mr Thomas.
I enjoy coming to work every single day. Here, nobody tries to change me to fit a role, rather they find tasks to which I am most suited. I am challenged and supported in a team that is always pulling in the same direction.

thomas beteiligungen
Accounts Receivable Accountant
Logo thomas gruppe | thomas gruppe

My success story at thomas

“I started my role in Receivables Management at thomas beteiligungen in June 2019. I really enjoy the cooperation with our customers and working on processes that extend across the sites. But it soon became clear to me that I wanted to take on more responsibility. So I was given the opportunity to prove myself as the first trainer at the Löbnitz site.
Ever ready to listen and discuss, just a short time later Mr Thomas opened up my next opportunity for development. Since March 2020, I have been working as a Sales Consultant in the Cement division, which really lets me make use of and develop my communication skills.
Just two months later I was also able to take over the Marketing department at the thomas gruppe. This once again opened up an entirely new challenge for me, which I continue to grow into every day as I strive to use my know-how to drive the thomas gruppe forward.
I would like to thank Mr Thomas and my colleagues for the trust they have given me as well as for my personal development opportunities.

thomas zement
Sales Employee