th-rheoment® grouting cement CEM I 42.5 R (ep)

Key features

  • Strictly monitored single-component system
  • High flow rate, extremely stable suspension
  • Moderate increase in volume for force-fit bond
  • Moderate processing times
  • High early and final strength
  • No water gain as per the standard
  • For producing grout in line with DIN EN 445-447
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th-rheoment® is a product that meets the special requirements for the production of a grout. Using appropriate mixing tools, mixing the cement into water produces an extremely stable suspension with the required processing consistency.

  • Production of grout for grouting prestressing ducts in prestressed concrete structures with a subsequent bond
  • Production of filler mortar for grouting/filling impregnating holes, annular gaps, etc.
  • Problem minimization in the mixing and pressing processes through constant, closely monitored
    product quality from th-rheoment®
  • even long tendon lengths and vertical tendons can be grouted without problems
  • no separation of the grout during the grouting process in the tendon channel
  • venting processes in the stressing channel are promoted by balanced processing times
  • reduction of metering errors (1-component system)
  • Ensuring a continuous construction process and a high durability of the tendon
  • Time saving!

th-rheoment® is delivered loose in silo trains or packed in BigBags


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