Jamb walls, balustrades, parapet walls, loggia

Key features

  • according to individual requirements of the planner and builder
  • ready for easy assembly
  • fast construction progress
  • Installation Fitting parts ex works
  • high quality of different surface design
  • high design diversity
  • Also possible in RC concrete after consultation
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Solid prefabricated parts for jamb, parapet, loggia and attic solutions, which are planned and manufactured in various heights and thicknesses according to static requirements.
Built-in parts, e.g. for fastening railings, are installed by us in the factory on request.

  • as a concrete knee element
  • as parapet element for balconies, arcades and loggias
  • as parapet element, as termination of e.g. flat roofs
  • in residential construction for single and multi-family houses, office buildings, hotels, etc.
  • perfectly complements our product range – no additional formwork and concreting effort on the construction site.
  • high quality and safety standards and high dimensional accuracy: the solid solid precast elements are manufactured in the factory and are subject to internal and external certified quality monitoring.
  • Installation parts ex works: many different installation parts such as thermal insulation elements, drains, overflows, installation parts for fastening railings and more, can be installed in the factory. This saves time on the construction site and, thanks to the precision in the factory, leads to high quality down to the last detail.
  • Fast construction progress leads to time and cost savings: precast balconies do not require complex formwork and assembly. Delivery, laying and assembly are fast, precise and uncomplicated. This ensures rapid construction progress.

The transport is carried out on trucks.


Internal sales team

Martin Bumke

Internal sales team

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