Key features

We support you with the:

  • Recipe development and planning
  • Application technology and site supervision
  • Quality assurance and training
  • Production of liquid soils based on excavated soil, aggregates (sands, gravel) and recycled materials
  • Can be processed using all standard industrial mixers
  • Adjustable re-excavatation capacity (controllable strength development)
  • Production and quality assurance in line with the “Hinweise für die Herstellung und Verwendung von zeitweise fließfähigen, selbstverdichtenden Verfüllbaustoffen (ZFSV) im Erdbau”, publisher: FGSV, 2012
  • Modified properties depending on requirements, such as load capacity, density, flow properties and pumpability
  • Verified environmental compatibility
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carbofill® is a factory-produced, mineral, single-component binder system that is used, usually without adding any other components, to produce liquid soils/temporarily flowing, self-compacting fillers based on excavated soil, tested recycled material or aggregates.

Liquid soils with carbofill® are used to fill sewage channels, pipelines, voids and to backfill various constructions and special-purpose structures.

carbofill® is a binder adapted to your raw materials for the economical production of liquid soil.

Liquid soil with carbofill® enables

  • complete, cavity-free filling, even in areas with a high number of pipelines
  • optimum pipe bedding with even support, preventing spot loads
  • installation without mechanical compaction
  • avoidance of subsequent subsidence
  • the optimum integration of the fill into the trench wall
  • no damage to newly installed pipes by compaction loads
  • time savings, efficiency and durability

carbofill® is delivered loose in a silo lorry, in BigBags or in water-soluble valve paper bags.


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