Prefabricated walls with special sizes

Key features

  • In heights up to 3.90 m
  • Semi-finished reinforced concrete parts in line with DIN EN 14992
  • As interior and exterior wall
  • Built-in parts installed in the plant
  • Smooth surfaces on both sides
  • Monolithic after filling with site-mixed concrete
  • Also possible in RC concrete after consultation
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Properties of the Prefabricated walls. They are manufactured in the precast concrete plant in Löbnitz and delivered to the construction site. We offer element wall thicknesses from 18 to max. 45 cm as well as element wall widths up to 8.10 m and wall heights up to 3.9 m.

Prefabricated walls with special sizes can be used in the same way as element walls with standard sizes. Due to the special height of up to 3.90 m over an element width of up to 8.10 m, the element walls with special sizes are particularly suitable for school or loft-type construction.

  • The unique wall height of 3.90 m over the width of up to 8.10 m offers new applications for project construction. This room height is ideal for school construction or for building with large wall areas with enormous air space and a loft-like
  • Due to a possible wall thickness of up to 45 cm, projects with high load bearing are technically feasible. This feature is ideally suited for industrial construction and its demanding requirements.
  • Benefit from advantages due to the larger wall area, such as:
    • faster assembly
    • higher construction speed
    • less jointing and filling work
    • fewer assembly workers needed
    • less crane play
    • substantially reduced use of inclined supports.
  • Individual application possibilities: Thanks to precise CAD technology, element walls are also used in complicated construction projects and can be manufactured with almost no restrictions on design freedom.

The delivery takes place standing in the inloader, throughout Germany


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Internal sales team

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