Powdered limestone and dried limestone granules

Key features

  • Dried
  • Crushed or ground
  • Classified
  • Constant fineness
  • Light colour

Available at the

Dornburg plant

Limestone is a high-quality and versatile resource. Whether as powdered limestone, limestone sand or limestone chippings—grinding or crushing, classifying and drying lets us use dried aggregates for a range of applications. The grading curve can naturally be set according to your specific requirements.

  • Filler for concrete and asphalt
  • Component of mortars, plasters, adhesive and insulation systems as well as screeds
  • Component of special binders
  • Component of all dry construction materials
  • Feed material calcium carbonate/component of compound feed
  • Special applications
  • Certified as filler for concrete (EN 12620), mortar (EN 13139) and asphalt (EN 13043)
  • Certified as a feed material based on the QS standard
  • Various dried grain fractions can be supplied at the customer’s request
  • Delivery as bulk goods or in Big Bags
  • Uniform quality of the powdered limestone due to a special grinding method
  • High availability of limestone compared to fly ash in concrete production
  • Improves the workability and pumpability of concretes