Beams and joists

Key features

  • fast construction progress
  • High quality
  • smooth formwork on one side
  • Installation parts are installed in the factory
  • Optimal in terms of building physics
  • high airborne sound insulation
  • high heat storage capacity
  • Also possible in RC concrete after consultation
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Solid precast elements such as beams and joists round off our range of precast elements for residential construction. They serve as a further structural element for your building project and are planned, manufactured and delivered ready for installation according to your requirements.
The edges are chamfered as required and the surfaces are usually smooth as formwork. The filling sides of our products are abraded.

as a prefabricated element in residential construction, for single and multi-family houses, office buildings, hotels, etc.

  • high quality and safety standards and high dimensional accuracy: the precast elements are manufactured in the factory and are subject to internal and external certified quality monitoring.
  • Installation parts ex works: many different installation parts, such as electrical sockets, recesses and more, can be installed in the factory. This saves time on the construction site and leads to high quality down to the last detail due to the precision in the factory.
  • high surface quality: surfaces that can be filled and wallpapered ensure that, as a rule, plastering is no longer necessary.

The transport is carried out by truck.



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