Key features

  • load-bearing thermal insulation element for any requirement
  • Planning and installation directly by us in the factory
  • Minimization of thermal bridges
  • ensure fast, uncomplicated installation on the construction site

Isocages are already provided for in the planning stage and installed in the factory. Thermal insulation elements approved by building authorities, e.g. from the Schöck company, which are intended for installation in precast elements, provide thermal insulation for the thermal separation of balconies or similar parts. Static requirements are met at the same time.

  • high quality and safety standards and high dimensional accuracy: installation in the factory is subject to internal and external certified quality monitoring.
  • are already included in the planning and are installed in the factory. This saves time on site and leads to high quality down to the last detail due to the high precision in the factory.


Internal sales team

Martin Bumke

Internal sales team

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