rheostab® HS

Key features

  • Reduced impairment of the cement reaction by dissolved sulphate
  • Optimisation of the water content in the soil to improve compactability
  • Permanent increase in the load capacity of soils and mineral mixtures
  • Fast-acting thanks to the use of high-quality raw materials
  • Different mixing ratios available upon request
  • Better frost resistance of frost-sensitive soils
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rheostab® HS is a factory-produced, special hydraulic binder for improving and stabilising cohesive soils. rheostab® HS is produced from quicklime (EN 459), cements with high sulphate resistance (DIN 1164), base binder (EN 13282) and filler as well as components from the cited standards.

  • For minor sulphate attack in soils/mineral mixtures, e.g. due to dissolved sulphate in the groundwater
  • Not suitable for soils that contain gypsum, in this case we recommend rheoroad® HS
  • Soil improvement/soil stabilisation in road construction, for area stabilisation and for the construction of dams
  • Extremely cost-effective due to the reuse of otherwise unsuitable soils under the KrWG (German Recycling Act)
  • Reduced impairment of the cement reaction by dissolved sulphate
  • Rapid establishment of the necessary load capacity thanks to the high reactivity of the binder
  • Optimised binder application based on the selection of the right limestone ratio in the binder for the specific site
  • Verified environmental compatibility

rheostab® HS is delivered as bulk in silo lorries.


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