Portland cement CEM I 42.5 R (ft)

Key features

  • Very high early and high final strength
  • Rapid hydration heat development
  • Moderate subsequent hardening
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CEM I 42.5 R (ft) is a Portland cement in accordance with DIN EN 197-1. It is produced from Portland cement clinker and setting regulator.

CEM I 42.5 R (ft) is primarily used to produce precast concrete components, concrete products as well as plaster and mortar products.

  • Perfect for use in dry products (e.g. adhesives and screeds) thanks to the rheological properties
  • Greater reliability in dry products thanks to uniform product quality

CEM I 42.5 R (ft) is delivered as bulk in silo lorries.


Technical contact

Dirk Niehoff

Application consulting cement

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Dominik Schiller

Sales management cement

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