Key features

  • Very good flowing capacity
  • Can be mixed with all mixers commonly used for this application
  • Good miscibility and pumpability
  • High sulphate resistance
  • High suspension stability
  • Low water gain
  • Little solid matter required
  • Effective corrosion protection in line with DVGW Worksheet W307
  • Verified environmental compatibility
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rheoinject® is a factory-made, hydraulic special binder. rheoinject® consists of Portland cement clinker (DIN EN 197), granulated slag (DIN EN 197), filler as defined in DIN EN 197 and mineral additives as well as components of the cited standards.

rheoinject® is used to fill voids, such as tunnels, pipelines, annular gaps, channels, shafts, decommissioned tank facilities, etc. Other applications include backfilling retaining walls and abutments, sealing wells as well as underpinning foundations or the like.

  • Save costs with high yield
  • Ensure cavity-free backfilling of long distances and complicated geometries
  • Stable suspensions, even when used for special requirements such as the tremie method
  • Long processing time; pumpable even after downtimes
  • Verified environmental compatibility

Different final strengths are possible thanks to the different product versions:

  • rheoinject® N
  • rheoinject® NH
  • rheoinject® H
  • rheoinject® R

rheoinject® is delivered loose in a silo lorry, in BigBags or as bagged goods.


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