Key features

Vectis® has a graduated grain distribution and high grinding fineness. Sealing walls manufactured using Vectis® have extremely low water penetration speeds and high suspension stability.
Vectis® is easy to mix and has excellent flowing and pumping properties, making it easy to install.
Vectis® is ideal for sealing excavation pits and flood protection dams as well as for sealing contaminated soils and materials.

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Vectis® is a factory-produced, special hydraulic binder for producing sealing walls. Vectis® consists of hydraulic binder, mineral additives and clay minerals.
Types: Vectis® S and Vectis® MG

Vectis® is used in foundation engineering to construct sealing walls to seal excavation pits.

Vectis® S is used to construct sealing walls using soil mixing methods (DSM – deep soil mixing, trench mixing, CSM – cutter soil mixing).
Vectis® MG is used for the construction of deep sealing walls using grab dredgers. When constructing sealing walls, the soil is removed and replaced by the sealing wall suspension. The suspension forms a tight barrier after curing.

  • High density
  • Low costs for constructing a seal
  • Can be used down to depths of 40 m
  • Product types:
    Vectis® S
    Vectis® MG

Vectis® is delivered loose in a silo lorry, in BigBags or as bagged goods.


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