Do you have a question? This is where you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If these do not answer your concerns, please feel free to get in touch with us personally. Our employees would be happy to help.

The job vacancies on our homepage are always up to date. There are usually no application deadlines. Positions that we have successfully filled are immediately removed from the job vacancies page.

If you can’t find a suitable position under the current vacancies, please feel free to send a speculative application. To do so, please use this application form.

In principle, when submitting an application, you should make sure that your CV covers most of the requirements stated in the job posting. If requirements are prefaced by words such as “ideally” or “preferably”, these are not mandatory requirements.

After completing the application process, your application documents are stored in our system for 6 months. After that, they are erased in line with the General Data Protection Regulation. If you grant us your written consent, we will store your application documents for 24 months so that we can consider them for other positions (“applicant pool”).

Whenever an application is successfully sent, a confirmation email is sent to the address provided. If you do not receive this confirmation email, your application was not successfully submitted.

Before doing so, please carefully check whether your profile actually matches the job postings. If so, you can apply for multiple positions with a single application. Please indicate the positions in which you are interested in your cover letter.

If you have any questions on the job posting, the point of contact is indicated directly in the job ad. Feel free to give the contact a call.

Of course. If you find another interesting job posting at a later date, we would be pleased to receive another application from you.

An application should preferably be emailed (PDF) to the indicated email address or sent via our applicant portal. Please note the maximum file size of 10 MB.

We are looking for informative and complete application documents. These consist of a cover letter, CV and, ideally, a recent reference letter and/or evidence of qualifications.


The application date depends on the apprenticeship for which you are applying. We recommend applying as soon as possible. We should receive your application roughly one year (but not later than six months) before the start of the apprenticeship.

Receiving an invitation to a job interview means that you have already reached the first goal. Our first meeting is intended to get to know each other. So, be open and honest—with your questions as well as your answers. If you have questions about the company as an employer, please ask them. This will help you and us decide whether we are a good fit and whether to invite you to a second meeting.

Yes, if your performances at vocational school and in the company permit, the training period can be reduced.

We offer you good employment opportunities after completing the training if you impress us with your performance.

Do you have more questions? Then please feel free to contact Ms Müller via email at: nadin.mueller@thomas-gruppe.de