Prefabricated parts for residential construction

Precast concrete components are an integral part of residential construction. The reason for this is that the short construction times and lower costs associated with precast concrete components provide a range of benefits. We also offer additional parts for residential construction and deliver prefabricated, smooth parts to your construction site. Are you looking for planning certainty, high quality and a cost-effective solution? Then thomas prefabricated parts are perfect for you.


  • Saves time and provides planning certainty
  • No time-consuming formwork at the construction site
  • Easy assembly
  • Precise dimensions
Betonbauteile, Fertigteile für den Wohnungsbau | Balkone | thomas betonbauteile
Fertigtreppe aus Beton | thomas gruppe
Betonbauteile, Fertigteile für den Wohnungsbau | thomas betonbauteile
Struts, beams, joists, lintels
Logo thomas gruppe | thomas gruppe
Jamb walls, balustrades, parapet walls, loggia