TT ceilings (untensioned reinforced)

Key features

  • fast construction progress
  • High quality
  • Underside formwork smooth
  • Installation parts are installed in the factory
  • Also possible in RC concrete after consultation
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Slackly reinforced TT slabs are precast reinforced concrete elements according to DIN EN 13224 with the characteristic supporting webs and a slab level as a semi-precast element or finished concrete level.
Standard width = 2.50 to 3.00m; standard types with center distance 1.05 to 1.47 m Maximum length = 17.50m

TT slabs are ideal and economical precast concrete elements for slab structures with high loads and long spans. They are used in parking garages as ceilings and driving levels. Logistics centers, mezzanines, in production halls as intermediate ceilings and as roof elements, floor slabs in residential construction.

  • high quality and safety standards and high dimensional accuracy: TT ceilings are manufactured in the factory and are subject to internal and external certified quality control.
  • Installation parts ex works: Installation parts, recesses and openings can be variably installed in the factory, taking into account structural requirements. This saves time on the construction site and, thanks to the high precision in the factory, ensures high quality down to the last detail.
  • Fast construction progress for time and cost savings: TT slabs do not require any elaborate formwork. Delivery, laying and assembly are fast, precise and uncomplicated. No assembly support is required. This ensures fast construction progress overall.

TT ceilings are supplied lying down.



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