Key features

rheogeo® is used to permanently grout geothermal probes. The tested materials are considerably more resistant to frost, have a high thermal conductivity and a much higher coverage rate. rheogeo® can be mixed using all common construction equipment. The resulting suspension is very stable and ideal for pumping. Geothermal probes grouted using this product provide excellent geological heat extraction.

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rheogeo® is produced from natural clay minerals, blast-furnace slag cement (in line with DIN 1164) and quartz powder (grain size < 0.3 mm).

rheogeo® is used for the permanent grouting of geothermal probes.

  • Good miscibility and injectability
  • Verified outstanding frost resistance (Hamburger Zelle)
  • High thermal extraction
  • Permanent grouting of the subsoil

rheogeo® is delivered loose in silo lorries, in BigBags or as bagged goods


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