The thomas gruppe takes over hansebeton

Lauenburg/Elbe, Neetze, Syke, Simmern/Hunsrück 10/01/2019: On 01/01/2019, the medium-sized thomas gruppe took over the Schmidt & Peters Group from Mr Volker Martin.

The medium-sized Schmidt & Peters Group operates two plants in Syke near Bremen and in Neetze near Lüneburg/Hamburg under the name hansebeton. The group’s administration is domiciled in Lauenburg/Elbe. Both plants primarily produce prefabricated concrete garages for markets in Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg as well as Berlin, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The prefabricated garages are marketed by an in-house sales organisation.

“I would like to thank the former owner, Mr. Volker Martin, very much for his confidence in entrusting to me the responsibility for the business and the employees,” says Eckhardt Thomas, Managing Partner of the thomas gruppe. “This acquisition will allow the thomas gruppe to continue to expand and consolidate its strategic position in the concrete components market in Germany, Poland and Scandinavia.”

The roughly 50 employees at the Schmidt & Peters Group were informed at the start of January. “We look forward to working together with the new partner to realise the extensive growth and synergy potential in the future,” says Henning Bergmann, Managing Director of hansebeton.