New office location Remscheid (CAD)

Due to the cramped conditions at the previous office location, it was decided to take a space-creating measure. An office building was planned, but was rejected due to costs and loss of further storage capacity. The current rental property is located only 2 minutes drive from the Remscheid freeway access and the landlord Mr. Klostermann with the additional pulling in of load-bearing walls accommodated.

The implementation of the move is done within 2-3 months and thus creates:

  • Space for new employees and trainees
  • Space in the old building for other departments such as sales, KV and production
  • No noise pollution from production and public traffic, which leads to better concentration, quality and increased performance

A possibility for meeting or visitor rooms, as well as a large break room

  • The design of large, bright offices, which provides a pleasant working atmosphere
  • Enlargement of the control room in the double-wall/element ceiling plant, which will also create a pleasant workspace for production employees
  • Restoring a parking facility for visitors and the employees (on the Knapp), which before was crowded and problematic