Acquisition of OPTERRA Zement GmbH and OPTERRA Beton GmbH with plants in Karsdorf, Sötenich and Neufahrn

This week, thomas gruppe signed a purchase agreement with CRH/OPTERRA Germany under which thomas gruppe will buy OPTERRA Zement GmbH and OPTERRA Beton GmbH. This includes the Karsdorf plant, the decommissioned Sötenich plant, and the Neufahrn ready-mix concrete plant. The purchase will effectively be completed by the end of 2022.

For years, we have been pursuing a steady, long-term growth course in the cement, concrete components and ready-mix concrete segments.

In the cement business, the purchase of the Erwitte plant in 2017 significantly improved our competitive position. Together with the plant in Dorndorf, we have achieved significantly greater coverage in Germany and also in the Netherlands and are benefiting from synergy effects.

We would like to continue this growth course. You don’t often get an opportunity like taking over the cement plant in Karsdorf in your life. Karsdorf, with its gigantic rock deposits, its market position of well over 1 million tons of cement and its experienced team, enables us to better supply our customers and leverage improvement potential. In addition, Karsdorf has sufficient scale to introduce a technology in the long term with the Dorndorf clinker requirement that will capture the CO2 produced in the cement production process in an ecologically and economically viable size. We are convinced that cement will become a clean building material and believe in its future.

We look forward to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

OPTERRA Werk Karsdorf