Curtain wall – textured surface

Key features

  • Rapid construction progress
  • High quality
  • High-quality surfaces
  • Flexible architectural design options
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Textured surface of the exposed side. Are colour differences possible? Surfaces in line with FDB information sheet no. 1: “Sichtbetonflächen von Fertigteilen aus Beton und Stahlbeton“ 06/2015.

As cladding element with high-quality exposed concrete surface for facades. Subsequent installation on the prefabricated concrete or site-mixed concrete construction using ready-to-assemble anchorage systems.

  • High quality and safety standards and high dimensional accuracy: facade panels are manufactured in the plant and are subject to internal and external certified quality monitoring.
  • Surface and shape: flexible implementation of architectural requirements. Sample elements and advice simplify selection.
  • Built-in parts ex-factory: built-in parts, recesses and breakthroughs can be flexibly installed in the plant in compliance with the structural engineering requirements. This saves time at the construction site and the exceptional precision in the plant ensures high quality down to the very last detail.
  • Rapid construction progress saves time and money: Facade panels are mounted on prepared substructures. Delivery, laying and installation are quick, precise and straightforward. No installation support is required. This ensures faster overall construction progress.

Vertical or horizontal transport by lorry


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