Key features

Special binder for producing sealing and bedding materials:

  • environmentally-friendly
  • improved sealing
  • better compactability
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rheobase® is a factory-produced mixture made from pure mineral components such as natural clays and mineral additives. rheobase® is free of hydraulically setting components.

rheobase® is used to produce sealing and bedding materials.
Areas of application:

  • Sewer construction
  • Landfill construction and remediation
  • Special civil and hydraulic engineering
  • Use in drinking water protection areas
  • Easy installation thanks to good compactability
  • Easy construction of sealing barriers
  • Specifically manufactured properties by mixing different components based on the site requirements

rheobase® is delivered loose in silo lorries or packed in BigBags.


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Christoph Greinke

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Sales staff

Henrik Eggers

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