Key features

Dorodur® sets itself apart with its exceptional grinding fineness. This establishes a high penetration capacity, which permanently seals pore spaces and imperfections in the subsoil. It significantly improves the strength, load capacity and density of the injected soil.

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Dorodur® is a factory-produced, special hydraulic binder for injections. Dorodur® consists of Portland cement clinker (DIN EN 197), granulated slag (DIN EN 197), filler in line with DIN EN 197 and mineral additives.

Dorodur® is used to stabilise loose rock and underpinning elements in foundation engineering as well as for injection bases in construction pits. In earthworks and environmental technology, Dorodur® is used to seal and stabilise the surrounding soils.

  • Finely ground product with exceptional grinding fineness
  • Verified environmental compatibility
  • High penetration capacity
  • Considerably strengthens fissured subsoil
  • Easy to mix and inject

Dorodur® is delivered loose in a silo lorry, in BigBags or as bagged goods.


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