Agricultural lime

Key features

Finely ground lime for the preservation and revitalisation liming of soils for agriculture

  • Unlocks nutrients and boosts the growth of plants and soil organisms
  • Regulates the acidity (pH value) of the soils

Available at the

Steudnitz plant

Our range includes:

  • Calcium magnesium carbonate 78 (for agriculture)
  • Calcium magnesium carbonate 76 (for agriculture)
  • Calcium carbonate 76 (for agriculture)
  • Calcium magnesium carbonate 80 (for forestry)

Our agricultural lime is ideal for use in agriculture and forestry, for example, when restoring the natural balance in soils. Our Dornburg limestone is used as a raw material for selective mining and the associated further processing. We use this to produce agricultural lime in different grades for various applications.

  • Regulating acidity (pH value)
  • Stimulates the growth of plants and soil organisms
  • Unlocks nutrients


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